Jocelyn Frelier

Jocelyn Frelier, PhD


Public Scholarship

Scholarship should be made publicly accessible whenever possible. Each of these essays brings academic research findings to open source websites: “‘Between the Experiment and the Essence’: Emma Ramadan Talks Translation” is an interview with French to English translator Emma Ramadan for Public Books. “The Reverberations of Time: A Conversation with Nicole Simek,” available on the …

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Academic Articles

The themes that connect my various academic articles include my interest in the movement of people across space, the contemporary legacies of the (former) French empire, and the continued interconnectedness between France and the francophone world. Each article is shaped by a research method rooted in literary analysis and a methodology that relies on gender …

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Scholarly Book

Transforming FamilyQueer Kinship and Migration in Contemporary Francophone Literature Released in Nov. 2022 University of Nebraska Press  The following text is taken from the University of Nebraska Press page about my book:  One of the lasting legacies of colonialism is the assumption that families should conform to a kinship arrangement built on normative, nuclear, individuality-based …

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