Jocelyn Frelier

Jocelyn Frelier, PhD


I am currently working on a collaboration with Inside Higher Ed that consists of a six part series on my departure from the professoriate to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. 

  • The first article, “Continuing Questions RE: Careers Beyond Academe,” was published in February of 2023. The article was inspired by the question: “why is it that no amount of conversation on the topic of departures from the professoriate seems to meet the ever-increasing demand for it?”
  • In March of 2023, the second article, “How Faculty Can Help Ph.D.s Land Nonacademic Jobs,” appeared online. In that essay, I argue faculty should move away from the “just focus on your dissertation” approach to working with PhD students.
  • “Landing a Mission-Oriented Job Beyond Academe” was published most recently in June of 2023. Here, I recommend that PhD students looking to explore careers outside of the professoriate begin with a few key questions and exercises.
  • The remaining three articles are scheduled for publication in the second half of 2023.

My time at Texas A&M University also afforded me the opportunity to develop assignments that bolstered student motivation and creativity. My findings are outlined in an Inside Higher Ed article, titled “How Public Scholarship Assignments Benefit Undergraduates.”