Jocelyn Frelier

Jocelyn Frelier, PhD

Academic Articles

The themes that connect my various academic articles include my interest in the movement of people across space, the contemporary legacies of the (former) French empire, and the continued interconnectedness between France and the francophone world. Each article is shaped by a research method rooted in literary analysis and a methodology that relies on gender theory.

The following two articles emerged while I was preparing my scholarly book:

North Africa is a complex region with a layered history of cross-cultural connections. Recent trends in North African studies have, justifiably, pushed for research that accounts for the multiplicity of the region. I have written two peer-reviewed articles that attend to that multiplicity:

My final peer reviewed essay is a comparative analysis of French and English language texts that examine gender in diasporic contexts:

My research thrives on the synergy of exchanging ideas and I welcome opportunities to participate in conferences or get involved in collaborative projects.