Jocelyn Frelier

Jocelyn Frelier, PhD

Jocelyn Frelier, PhD

Strategist | Leader & Mentor | Educator | Writer

I value professional discomfort for the growth it facilitates and look forward to learning, no matter where this journey takes me next.

My Journey

My experience has been shaped by a series of convictions:

Who I Am

Those convictions have led me to pursue a Humanities PhD, to design equitable learning environments and experiential education assignments for hundreds of students, and to study the arts of leadership, mentoring, and convening people. Because I have a deep love for writing, I have partnered with dozens of publication venues (both peer-reviewed and trade) to disseminate what I know.

What I Do


My strategic work is shaped by my love of intrapreneurship. When goals are clear and talented teams rally around them, they can build something beautiful.

Leader & Mentor

In all of my professional commitments, I support people by listening to their stories and asking them questions that challenge them to reexamine their assumptions.


Part of my professional identity stems from my training as both a humanist and a teacher. I derive joy from partnering with young people in pursuit of ambitious goals and consistently seek to connect with my day-to-day work.


My curiosities about transnational networks of people and information, as well as my expertise in writing, have resulted in the publication of my book and of dozens of essays.


A practice, not a product.

Some of my writing is now available in a variety of publications.

Scholarly Book
Transforming Family: Queer Kinship and Migration in Contemporary Francophone Literature (University of...
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Academic Articles
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Public Scholarship
Scholarship should be made publicly accessible whenever possible. Each of these essays brings academic...
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