I am a Program Manager at Vital Voices Global Partnership, where I oversee the Rising Voices portfolio of initiatives.

Vital Voices is a non-profit organization, based in Washington DC, dedicated to partnering with the world’s boldest women leaders to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

The Rising Voices initiatives identify and invest in young women leaders, ages 18-25, to facilitate their leadership development and to build their capacities as they work to dismantle systemic oppression.

My day-to-day activities are shaped by my conviction that intergenerational dialogue, which centers a wholistic understanding of individuals as members of families and communities, is a necessary component of advocacy work.


Before beginning my employment at Vital Voices, my intellectual interests in storytelling, migration, multilingualism, and gender studies led me to pursue a BA at the University of North Carolina and a PhD at the University of Michigan. It was during my time in graduate school that I became convinced that family units are an oft-overlooked opportunity for unlocking a more just future in a world that prioritizes individual fulfillment and societal change. My curiosities about the role of family in our modern world ultimately led to the publication of my book.

While at Michigan, I also completed a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies and a Graduate Teacher Certificate. My research on gender consistently shapes the lens through which I see not only problems and questions but also solutions. Similarly, my pedagogical training (which has led me to present at conferences, write book chapters, and receive micro-credentials) continues to shape how I communicate with both my colleagues and the young people I serve. 

Before leaving higher education, I taught at three universities in addition to my alma maters. First, I was a lecturer in the UFR Études Anglophones at Université de Paris VII, Diderot during the 2014-2015 academic year. I also held an appointment as Assistant Professor of French in the Department of World Languages & Cultures at Sam Houston State University for two years. Most recently, I was affiliated with Texas A&M University, where I was an ACES Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies.

Each of my experiences has helped cement my commitments to youth advocacy and multigenerational collaboration. Although young people are frequently armed with dedication, they sometimes lack confidence, and the world we live in undermines their credibility. My experiences working with youth, both in higher education settings and now in non-profit, have informed my contention that social ills are best combatted when we leverage intergenerational dialogue.